Top 4 advantages of having an Enterprise Quality Management System on the platform

What difference does it make to build and run an Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS) on ( platform?

What are the characteristics of a good EQMS?

1. It should be technologically advanced

  • The Salesforce Edge: The Salesforce® platform is built using some of the most advanced technologies, including the ones mentioned above. In fact, Salesforce is the cloud platform of choice for over 4 Million businesses worldwide. Salesforce1, its mobile app, makes solutions accessible to everyone at any time, at any place and on any device. Salesforce rolls out at least three updates every year without causing any downtime to its customers so that latest technological developments and innovations integrate seamlessly into their operations, without causing a single blip.
  • An EQMS platform built and run on Salesforce would therefore not become obsolete in near future. It would be supported by some of the most robust and relevant technologies around. It would also be supported by one of the most dependable support teams in the world.

2. It should not be resource intensive:

  • The Salesforce Edge: Any EQMS built and run on Salesforce would, by default, be on a modern cloud and hence be much more scalable and cost-effective as compared to an on-premise solution. The drag and drop functionality of Salesforce enables even non-coders to take ownership of process flows. As a result, people driving the business on the ground are able to translate their requirements and their vision into process flows themselves instead of depending upon the IT Team. Reduced cycle time, greater ownership and reduced workload create a win-win situation for all.

3. It should be pocket-friendly

  • The Salesforce Edge: An EQMS platform built on Salesforce is a highly configurable set of solutions that can be implemented at once or as the company grows per business’ requirements. This results in three kinds of cost benefits. First, cloud infrastructure drastically cuts down investment for in-house infrastructure and its maintenance. Second, the legendary support of Salesforce ensures that your business does not suffer any downtime. Third, customers can pay on a monthly subscription basis. By not having to commit to a pay for all user licenses and modules upfront businesses using an EQMS built on Salesforce can justify their total cost of ownership each year.

4. It should be highly flexible

  • The Salesforce Edge: An EQMS built and run on Salesforce, would make use of the drag and drop functionality of the Salesforce platform. While such an EQMS would have pre-developed processes for common functions such as Audit, CAPA, Change Management, Document Control, etc., it would also encourage users to go several steps further by configuring the solution to solve their unique problems. For instance, it would enable users to tailor the interface to their liking, define the metadata that must be captured, configure workflows, personalize language translations and deliver useful insights that propel business growth. It would also give users the freedom to explore more applications through Salesforce AppExchange, the world’s leading business application marketplace.



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